It’s been approximately forever since I’ve updated this. I’ve finally moved to a new webhost, NearlyFreeSpeech, which takes a lot of effort to get set up properly–it’s like the ArchLinux of webhosts, you have to do a lot yourself and know a lot/be able to Google. I can do that, but it takes time – I now understand why so many professors were unwilling to think too long about even basic IT things; they had so much other stuff on their plates. I get it now.

Anyway, it was partially that but it was mostly that I was lazy and focused on actually finishing classes/doing research. Now, I’m finished with classes, and just submitted my first paper, so I figure it’s now not just a good time to update this website and get it looking shiny, but also a mandatory time to do so!

This blog actually contains posts dating back to before I decided to go back and do a physics degree, since part of my goal in hosting a blog on my site was to chronicle the process of quitting my job, finding a new one, and going through a physics undergraduate degree and on to grad school in astronomy. Now it’s been SEVEN YEARS since I started this, and some of those old posts are a bit cringe or too personal for me to want to leave up. So now that my website is posted all over arXiv and similar, I’m going to go through and edit the posts so they’re a little more coherent and focused before I mark them public again.

For now, though, I’ve just finished fussing with critical site updates (while I was being lazy and not paying attention to it, it was the target of several malicious attacks–password brute forcing, and attempts to use it to harass other sites). THAT took all day, and I am now extremely hungry.

More updates of substance later.